Go Clean, Go Green

Going Clean and Green with GIP is more than just the environment. With our main color being Green, we are asking you to support us because we are the most transparent and honest political party in the Maldives. We forsake even the smallest corrupt practices because we stand above such harmful action. We do not attack others, but work with everyone in the best interests of the people of our country. Go Clean with GIP. Go Green for GIP.

Principled Governance

GIP is the only group that stands for its principles above political expediency. We are the only group that holds to our center-left ideals promoting the protection of women and children, and looking out for the rights of all Maldivians to protection, as well as empowerment.


Gaumee Itthihaad Party – GIP is the only political party which adheres to values over petty politics. It is the only party that stands above the Yellow-Blue divide, that does not resort to bribery, corruption, intimidation, or fear. We are the standard bearers for moderation. We are the definition of common sense merged with compromise in the pursuit of lasting peace amongst our peoples.  Learn about us. And embrace our philosophies and policies dedicated to real change through experienced decision making.

The old party website can still be found at: http://gaumeeitthihaad.org

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Make a difference

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